About Me

Hi, my name is Vicki Davis.  I blog in several places and perhaps my best known is the “Cool Cat Teacher” blog which talks about using technology to teach as well as the 10 Minute Teacher podcast.

Here I am at the farm where I grew up. I love the outdoors.

But, if you’re here, you’re reading the Cool Cat Christian blog.  I share here when I have things to share. It isn’t a routine or a necessity, just when I feel led or have something I feel that God wants me to share.

The truth is, without God, I would not be. He has intervened on my behalf and blessed me greatly and any honors I receive must go at His feet. I do know He has called me and made me write and has blessed me with an ability to understand technology quickly. Each day is His and I pray that I’ll finish well and pass on to my kids a legacy of faith and seeking God daily — that Jesus will be their best friend and they’ll learn that the greatest joys in life come from a Daily Walk with Jesus. (the original title for this blog.)

I have friends all over the world of many faiths and pray to show them the kindness, love, and respect that I feel I am commanded to show while also seeking to stand true and faithful to God’s word in my life.

I am a wife and mother of three and live in Camilla, Georgia and attend Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia. I have been teaching Sunday School/ Connect Groups for thirty years: youth, children, and adults. I sing in the choir and enjoy teaching.