Bible Study and my Itouch

I love my new Apple iPod touch 16 GB (2nd Generation), it is so cool.

And yet, it has improved my life in so many ways. Not only have I lost 14 pounds using the really cool Lose It app, but it is part of my Bible study and Sunday school lesson.

There is a Bible app that has multiple translations of the Bible. I often use it as part of studying my Sunday school lesson.

Also, as I do my Beth Moore Bible Study, Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent, Member Book, I can now buy the lessons that come every five days for $3.99. That may sound like a lot, but it lets me spread the cost out a little and it is far less expensive than the video version. I listen as I walk on the treadmill and every so often for my morning study and fill in the blanks.

I also have several books on my itouch including Believing God (also by Beth Moore) — see a pattern there, but also many other great books like The Last Lion Part B: Winston Spencer Churchill, Alone, 1932-1940.

So, the last book, on Churchill costs $120 on Amazon in audio tape and you cannot seem to get it in print. I pay around $20 a month for a subscription to and get 4 credits a month – I got the Churchill book for 2 credits. If you have an itouch, Audible is really the way to go. (Too bad, Beth Moore’s lessons aren’t available there, so I have to buy them from Itunes. But that is ok, it is worth it.)

For me, as a Sunday School teacher and person who is usually leading, it is vital that I study under someone. It is important so that I can help others, to get up every morning and study my own Bible. Have to learn and seek God.

My Itouch has been a great tool and really in the running for my all time favorite gadget of my life. It is not nearly as expensive as an Iphone, which I hear is a terrible phone anyway, and it works very well.

I recommended it to our youth pastor because of some of the really cool features:

  • Set it up to sync with google Calendars – it will link up to 5. You can have some of those calendars as public calendars and embed them in websites. Then, when you put a date on one of your public calendars, it automatically publishes onto your website — perfect for youth.
  • You can use Nimbuzz to instant message from your itouch — it is important to IM if you work with youth.
  • You can link to facebook and twitter on your itouch as well.
  • It lets you keep up on those emails that come in all the time.
  • It makes you cool. 😉
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