Our innate need for prayer

I found this picture at the Picture of the Day for the Officer’s Club blog which is a blog for military bloggers.

This is an expression of the need for God which cannot be censored!

2 Kings 17:39
But the LORD your God you shall fear; and He will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.”

Lord, today I pray for our men and women overseas. I pray for you to send your spirit to them as they seek your face. I pray that they will stand. I pray that they will fear God but will stand strong against those who wish to kill them. I pray that they will know that their true enemy is Satan who can kill the soul and not the people who have fallen into his trap. I pray for peace in Iraq although I know that at the end that wars will increase. I pray for boldness for your saints in our military and in Iraq that they will be bold, pray and witness. I pray for wisdom for our country’s leaders that they will do your most perfect will. I most importantly pray for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please be with the families who miss their loved ones. Forgive us when we fail you! Amen.

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