I love to take God’s word and put it to poetry as closely as possible. Following are some notes as I go through Matthew 27.

During this Christmas season, we must not forget — our Saviour came to die so that we might live.

I begin with Matthew 27 verse 32


“They trudged up the hill
but He fell down

Blood poured from His wounds
and dripped down His crown

Exhausted – He stumbled
scanning the crowd they found Simon to pull

the weight of His cross
till they reached Golgotha – the place of the skull.

There they tried to drug Him
to dull the pain and scorn

He refused to take the draught
it twas for this that He was born.

Nail by nail they hammered
and drove Him to the tree

When they had crucified Him
they stripped Him bare for all to see

To keep the cloth souvenier whole
they cast lots to see who’d get it.

Tired of gambling and not wanting to miss anything
they gathered a while to sit.

Above His head they placed the charged
so all could see the news

“This is Jesus

…more later. Keep the faith and read Matthew 27 again. It keeps Christmas in perspective.

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